Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Airedales & Turkeys

Carol's recounting of our Airedales' first encounter with a flock of turkeys at the farm where she buys some of our dog food:

You should have been with me when I picked them up.They were "herding"
(with plastic bags tied to long sticks and waving them!) 100 or so white turkeys onto a wood-chipped floor in the building just as I was parking, and the turkeys, along with a German Shepherd who was "helping," came right up and waddled along-side the car. You should have seen the dogs!!!! Hahaha! At first they barked, then, not knowing what the heck the scoop was, they began to whine!! It was SOOOOOOOO funny! All I could think of was that a good Italian expression would have fit the dogs perfectly...Stanno attentivo!! (they were standing at attention!!!)