Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Woolie Slideshow from Photobucket

I tried this new browser based Adobe remix tool on Photobucket to create this short slide show. It's a neat tool, still in beta testing, but it has lots of potential because of its ease of use.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Testing a Woolies Widget

Testing a Woolies Widget on the blog. Click on the photo stack (below to the left, on the photo stack near the GoodWidgets logo), to see the next one. It may take a couple of seconds for the widget to load.

Kinda kool, huh?

Scrubs Slide Show

Her's a new feature from Photobucket, the service I use to host images for eBay auctions. They have added a ton of new features recently, including this slide show. Take a look!


Scrubs is vested in ER attire, right down to the booties and face mask. He's 3"x3" (excluding his tail). He was on eBay auction in February 2007.